We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

Why should I register on

Meshball is a new age dynamic platform that has two types of services: Trade Mesh and Partnership Mesh.

Trade Mesh helps your business earn more profits from its unused or less used resources. This platform attempts to bring together the business community and then captures their needs and wants to provide lead based solutions. If you have an old machinery that you need to get rid of or some extra space in your warehouse that you wish to can now simply post the same with a click of a button and have enquires coming to your doorstep.  

Partnership Mesh helps professionals identify and connect to those companies who seek their guidance to grow to the next level. If you do not wish to work full time anymore but instead guide and develop young growing can now simply broadcast your services with a click of a button and connect to companies of your choice. The platform helps professionals share their time with organizations that have potential to grow. 

How do I register on

It's a simple 2-step process. Just log on to and click on the relevant "Sign Up" button on the left side of the page.

Step 1: Fill in your details

Step 2: Activate your registration by clicking on the link sent to you in the welcome email.

Do I need a valid email for registration?

Yes, you need a valid email id to register on The same email id will be used to communicate with you in the future. We value your privacy, and we hate spam as much as you do. We are not going to spam or sell your email address to any third party. We still need your email account to be able to provide you with relevant information or for any other suitable opportunities.

Why do I need to enter my business or employment details?

We need your employment and business information to help us match your profile with the right opportunities.

Why do we ask for industry and company details?

Industry and companies details aims to provide relevant matches for companies and consultants. It also aims at providing the relevant industry and company information, updated industry and company specific news, featured articles by industry and in house experts.

How much does the service of Meshball cost?

At this time, Meshball Service is being offered free of charge. Pricing will be competitive, and details will be made available on a later date.

After announces pricing, how much time will I have before my account is charged?

After announcing pricing for Meshball Service (MS), there will be a grace of at least 30 days or 10 free posts whichever is first, during which MS will remain free of charge.

Great! I’m glad to hear that is currently free of charge, but when will you announce pricing?

We currently do not have a projected date yet for announcing the pricing.