The Power of WOM - Unleashed

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What is WOM Marketing?

Word of Mouth is “Giving people a reason to talk about your stuff, and making it easier for that conversation to take place.” – Andy Sernovitz

How is this different from other forms of marketing?

It isn’t. Every single marketing professional consciously or sub-consciously practices word of mouth marketing. In fact, it is the oldest form of marketing there is. Word-0f-mouth agencies think of the consumer as their primary medium of communication.

Do I need to have something worth talking about?

The only thing that drives word of mouth is word-of-mouthable products. If WHAT you offer to the consumer does not excite them, they will not talk about it. So work on ways to make your products and services ‘WORTH’ talking about in the first place, before moving onto the communication of that worth.

If this is person to person, how do you get high reach?

Word of mouth is the SOURCE of the marketing mix. Not just a part of it. So whatever the reach of your media plan, is the reach of the WOM plan. (If, the WOM idea is recommended to be taken across ATL and/or BTL touchpoints). This media reach, eventually drives further person to person recommendation.

Why is word of mouth marketing better than traditional advertising?

Because like Andy Sernovitz says, ‘Advertising is the cost of being boring’. As per McKinsey Research, marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising across a diverse set of categories, and 76% of consumer purchase decisions are based on WOM. While it continues to have high reach, it is perceived as far more credible. Even a Nielsen study done across 47 markets showed that 78% of people found consumer recommendations more credible than advertising as 92% of people are known to trust family and friends over 14% that trust marketers.

What does WOM Marketing do?

It helps brand messages SPREAD FASTER It helps brand messages WORK BETTER It helps brand messages LAST LONGER
A Marketing mix born from a WOM idea, is empowered with geometric progression, thus reaching more people, more quickly People are more likely to trust an emotional, personal and/or influential recommendation. Once established, word of mouth works like a self-sustaining investment, as new consumers don’t increase acquisition costs.

Why choose WOM Marketing?

Because Advertising is the cost of being boring

Why choose WOM Marketing?

Because Word of Mouth has the credibility of Family and Friends

Because Word-of-mouth is everywhere

Because Word-of-Mouth impacts the Business

Because Word-of-Mouth happens face to face

What are the various types of WOM marketing?

Buzz Marketing

Using high-profile entertainment or news to get people to talk about your brand

Viral Marketing

Creating entertaining or informative messages that are designed to be passed along in an exponential fashion, often electronically or by mail

Community Marketing

Forming or supporting niche communities that are likely to share interests about the brand (such as user groups, fan clubs, and discussion forums); providing tools, content, and information to support those communities

Grassroots Marketing

Organizing and motivating volunteers to engage in personal or local outreach

Evangelist Marketing

Cultivating evangelists, advocates, or volunteers who are encouraged to take a leadership role in actively spreading the word on your behalf

Product Seeding

Placing the right product into the right hands at the right time, providing information or samples to influential individuals

Influencer Marketing

Identifying key communities and opinion leaders who are likely to talk about products and have the ability to influence the opinions of others

Cause Marketing

Supporting social causes to earn respect and support from people who feel strongly about the cause

Conversation Creation

Interesting or fun advertising, emails, catch phrases, entertainment, or promotions designed to start word of mouth activity

Referral Programs

Creating tools that enable satisfied customers to refer their friends

Top 7 WOM Myths


The WOM Myth

The WOM Reality


The only way to get word of mouth is through stunts and gimmicks, such as outrageous TV ads, online engagements or PR events.

Word of Mouth should ideally be embedded in the 9 Ps of your brand: (Product, Pricing, Placement, Purchase Experience, People, Profit Policy, Prosumer, Packaging & Promotions).


Word of Mouth happens on its own. It cannot be planned.

If planned right, you can increase the chances of generating & sustaining WOM.


Word of Mouth is a New Age Marketing Technique & is yet to prove itself.

Word of Mouth is the oldest form of marketing in the world.


Word of Mouth Marketing has low reach. It is not scalable.

A WOM-able idea is likely to reach more people when leveraged across comparable mediums.

Idea = Print + TV + Digital + WOM

WOM Idea = Print + TV + Digital x WOM


Word of Mouth results cannot be measured in anyway.

Word of Mouth cannot be measured. But the Impact of WOM on a brand Can be.


Word of mouth marketing means consumers selling to their friends (like Amway)

Word of mouth is not consumers selling to their friends, but only recommending it to them with so much enthusiasm that it eventually leads to purchase


Only outrageous, edgy or the ‘latest’ products are buzz-worthy. Not everything is word-of-mouthable.

Everything has the power to generate word of mouth. All you need is to invent reasons for the consumer to find you exciting enough to talk about.